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Yard Force 24V Pruner Pole & Hedger Kit

Yard Force 24V Pruner Pole & Hedger Kit


Yard Force 24V Pruner Pole & Hedger Kit, a versatile solution for all your pruning and hedging needs. The kit includes a powerful 24V 2.0Ah battery pack and a 24V 2A charger, ensuring you have the necessary power and tools to tackle your outdoor pruning and hedging tasks with ease. Upgrade your gardening arsenal with the Yard Force 24V Pruner Pole & Hedger Kit for a seamless and efficient landscaping experience.

Pole pruner: 24V
No load speed: 5.5 m/s
8 inch Yard Force bar and chain
Cutting angle adjustment

Pole hedger: 24V
Cutting length 450 mm
Cutting dia. 14mm
No load speed 1400 RPM/min
Cutting angle adjustment
24V 2.0Ah battery pack included
24V 2A charger included

The pole pruner, powered by a 24V system, boasts a swift no-load speed of 5.5 m/s, ensuring efficient and precise cuts

Equipped with an 8-inch Yard Force bar and chain, this pruner allows for easy trimming at various angles, thanks to its cutting angle adjustment feature

On the other hand, the pole hedger, also running on a 24V power source, offers a cutting length of 450mm and can handle branches with a diameter of up to 14mm

With a no-load speed of 1400 RPM/min and a convenient cutting angle adjustment, it provides the flexibility needed for shaping and grooming your hedges

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Craig Petherick
Could not replace

bought the pole pruner and hedger kit when i unpacked it did not work
returned to store but found they could not get a replacement why is it still being advertised