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Yard Force Australia

Yard Force 26cc Petrol Line Trimmer

Yard Force 26cc Petrol Line Trimmer


Yard Force 26cc Petrol Line Trimmer is a powerful gardening tool designed to make lawn maintenance effortless. This reliable and robust trimmer is engineered to tackle overgrown grass, weeds, and unruly plants with ease, offering an efficient solution for maintaining a pristine garden.

Displacement: 25.4cc
Power: 0.75kW
Max. cutting speed: 7000 rpm
Line trimmer cutting width: 380mm
Single shoulder belt 
Fuel tank capacity: 450 ML
Dia. of nylon line: 1.5 mm
Split shaft
Easy load spool

Yard Force 25.4cc petrol line trimmer

High-performance 26cc petrol engine for superior cutting power and efficiency

Lightweight yet durable construction, ensuring maneuverability and long-term reliability in challenging gardening tasks

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