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Yard Force Australia

Yard Force 60V 4.0Ah Battery Pack

Yard Force 60V 4.0Ah Battery Pack


The Yard Force Blade & Bolt Set Mower Swing suits Pro 170cc 18in is a replacement set for the cutting blade of the Yard Force Pro 170cc 18in lawn mower. It is designed to ensure that your mower maintains its optimal performance in cutting grass and other vegetation in your yard.

  • The blades and bolts are made of high-quality materials that ensure their longevity and resistance to wear and tear
  • The set comes with all the necessary parts and instructions needed to replace the old blade and bolt, making installation quick and hassle-free
  • The sharpness and balance of the blades guarantee a precise and efficient cut, leaving your lawn with a neat and uniform appearance
  • The set is specifically designed to fit the Yard Force Pro 170cc 18in lawn mower, ensuring a perfect match and optimal performance
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