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Yard Force Australia

Yard Force Battery 24V 2.0Ah

Yard Force Battery 24V 2.0Ah


The Yard Force Battery 24V 2.0Ah is a powerful rechargeable battery designed to be used with a range of Yard Force power tools. Yard Force Battery 24V 2.0Ah provides a reliable and efficient power source for all your Yard Force power tools.

This battery has a 24V power output, providing reliable and consistent power to your Yard Force tools

The 2.0Ah capacity of the battery allows for longer run times, meaning you can get more work done on a single charge

The lightweight and compact design of the battery makes it easy to handle and store, and its quick charging time means you can get back to work sooner

The battery also features a handy LED indicator, allowing you to easily monitor the battery level and plan your work accordingly

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